Friday, November 4, 2011

A Room With a View 2

This week, I was assigned to work on a long term project with a group outside of my service unit. They are located in the Adams Building, which is one of three Library of Congress Buildings. The Jefferson is the beautiful, ornate classy place; the Madison Building - where I am located - was built in the 70's and is pretty much a large box and one of the top 5 largest Federal Office buildings in the country; and the Adams building was made in the 30's (?) or 50's (?) in art deco style. All the Library buildings are connected by underground tunnels, but you do need to give yourself extra time to travel from point A to point B. Once I arrived at my destination in the Adams Building, I was struck by the windows and the view from this office. Because it faces the west, it would get the afternoon sun, and overlooks the back side of the Jefferson Building. My office, on the other hand, also has windows, but it faces a very dark enclosed space. This space used to be an atrium, but was shut down for a lot of reasons. It is in the plan to re do this space back to the original state with trees and sunlight, and activity. I really like windows, having sunshine coming in, and taking a glance here and there to see what is going on outside. Why is it that for people who don't really care about the view and sunlight oftentimes get the best window spaces? And he had the shades CLOSED! I'm sure once the new courtyard is created, we will have to relocate so someone else can enjoy the room with the view.
Wouldn't you like to see the Jefferson Building every day?

I had to open the blinds to get the photo

The Madison Building to the left & the Supreme Court is to the right

I have the same blinds

But there's nothing to see below- but they can see us!

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