Thursday, November 24, 2011

US Botanic Garden Holiday

The preparations for Christmas are underway. Each week, the scene changes at the US Botanic Garden as the evergreens are placed in huge pots, the tracks and trains are assembled in the international landscape, and the Capitol Hill Village is placed under the huge tree in the foyer. It's a nice time to visit because the crowds are thin and you can actually see things. We wandered through the interior building to check a particular flower in the garden area, and along the way the decorations could not be missed. In spite of the fact that they are not completely finished, one can get the idea about what to expect and enjoy the views- and all the people enjoying the views - over the next several weeks. Both Milwaukee and Chicago have Botanic Gardens and "Domes," but it just isn't the same. But, I have to say that the streets along Michigan Avenue and the memories of Christmas there are just like in the movies. But, I could not just walk over whenever I wanted, just two blocks. And that makes all the difference.

The trains & greens are in place

The Capitol Hill Village is typically placed beneath the tree

The monuments are all made of plant materials

The Bartholdi Fountain- recently reopened across the street

The Library of Congress- a nice place to be associated with!

A handful of visitors in the cactus section

The real reason we stopped by

The "other" stuff to see

A view of the Capitol

The wreaths have been added this week

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