Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Melting Pot

You never know who you may run into on any given day. The Library has over 150 languages spoken within its walls. I, unfortunately, only know one fairly well. I studied French for about five years, but failed miserably at speaking it. My husband is fluent in two languages, and does well with a third one. Sometimes it feels like I am a foreigner in my own city. But that's what makes it all so very interesting and entertaining. Starting at the age of six, my mother introduced us to Madame Alexander foreign land dolls for Christmas every year. I think that ignited an interest in the subject and has had quite an influence on me personally. What I have left of that wonderful collection is only one out of over a hundred- Poland. I think about that collection now and then- and am sorry that I did not have any grand daughters to pass it down to. But for now, I enjoy the real thing all around me and it is a great reminder that there are so many different ways of thinking, speaking, and feeling. Wish some other folks around here felt the same way.
A group of Afghan visitors
Love the outfits!

We know who's really in charge

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