Sunday, November 6, 2011

Capitol Fall

This weekend was really nice for walking about the neighborhood. The number of tourists is dramatically less, and on the weekends, it is so very quiet compared to the congressional activity during the work week. The skies are blue, there is a slight chill in the air, and the sun is bright. These are my favorite conditions- although I do prefer the heat. Every day the landscape changes just a little more as we inch our way toward the winter months. I really like the four seasons, and am happy to have escaped the wrath of winter in Wisconsin. But to be fair, fall is beautiful in any state. The difference is how long each season lasts in each state. I am thrilled it is no longer winter.
From the steps of the Capitol Building across the Mall

From the Capitol to the Jefferson Building- Library of Congress

From the East side of the Capitol to the Supreme Court

South side of the Capitol- Washington Monument (16 blocks away)

The Botanic Garden

Hirshhorn Museum of Art & Sculpture Garden

In the Botanic Garden- they are setting up for Christmas

Can't beat nature's palette

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