Friday, November 25, 2011

Cafe Deluxe Near the Cathedral

Because I work nine hour days, I have every other Friday off. And this happens to be a great Friday to have off! No, we were not about to go anywhere near a department store, mall, or shopping area. So we drove down Independence Avenue, heavily laden with traffic and tourists. The traffic was indeed ridiculous to say the least. As soon as we passed by the Kennedy Center, we were in business, making our way through Rock Creek Parkway, to Massachusetts Avenue, to Wisconsin Avenue. There, we passed by St. Albans, where Al Gore went to school -among many others- and the National Cathedral, where the scaffolding is still in place for repairs from the earthquake damage. Apparently there are millions of dollars of reconstruction work that needs to occur over several years. The Cathedral is now open for business, but the exterior repair work will take quite a while to restore. About two blocks past the Cathedral is one of our favorite spots for lunch or brunch, depending on the day. The name is Cafe Deluxe, and the sister organization is just one block down the street from us in our neighborhood. Once we find something we like, we have a tendency to keep going back, which is exactly what we did today.
Along Independence Avenue, the White House can be seen across the Mall

St. Albans, with the Cathedral scaffolding high in the air behind it

The National Cathedral seen through the now bare trees along Wisconsin Ave

Full view from the side

Cafe Deluxe- great for lunch or brunch- and hot fudge sundaes- so we're told

Fist sign of Christmas trees at the Greek Orthodox Church

Coming home`along Rock Creek Parkway- the Watergate & Kennedy Center

Ridiculous Traffic along Independence Avenue

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