Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The First Christmas House in the Neighborhood

The Capitol Christmas tree arrived yesterday; the Library of Congress tree arrived today; the White House tree showed up last week. As I was walking home after work tonight, the Republican Club had a lighted tree in the entry way and in the bay window on the second floor. Little by little the neighborhood is getting in to the spirit of the holiday. I usually put things up the day after Thanksgiving, but decided to wait until later in the month so the live branches and such don't dry out so much. And one must be creative in a tiny 500 square foot place. So we enjoy the decorations in the neighborhood, and the first one we saw was over the weekend. Quite tasteful and pretty. I especially like the Magnolia branches. I used to have a little tree in three rooms in Milwaukee, and did outside lights, and put stuff in the window boxes..... it was fun, and pretty. I do miss some things about being in a cold place for Christmas, but am quickly reminded that the frigid season lasts a lot longer than December, and am very happy to watch it all on TV.
A lot of the homes were built in the 1880's

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