Saturday, November 19, 2011

Potomac Park

Every so often on the way home, we take a detour through Potomac Park. East Potomac Park is sort of an undiscovered place for many - more of a locals place. And West Potomac is better known with the tourists. As you head east off the freeway, you travel on the peninsula along the Anacostia River on one side, make a U turn, then head west along the Potomac River. A lot of different things across the Anacostia River can be seen from this side - the fish market and restaurants, the Army War College and Ft. McNair (where Mary Surratt and the Lincoln conspirators were hanged); and across the Potomac River on the other side are Alexandria, Reagan Airport, Arlington, and the Air Force Monument. On the peninsula itself are are a golf course, a huge park, and cherry trees all along the route. Depending on the season, the activities are distinctly different. Bikers, walkers, picnickers on the holidays, fisherman. The water level often rises above the walkways, and the place gets flooded. East Potomac Park becomes West Potomac Park, where a lot of the more familiar sites are located along the Tidal Basin- the Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Martin Luther King Jr Memorials. It seems wherever I have lived, water has been close by. From the Atlantic Ocean in Massachusetts and Connecticut, the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, Lake Michigan in Wisconsin, and now the Potomac & Anacostia Rivers in DC. The water looks the same, but the stuff around it has a very unique flavor.
Ft McNair Officer housing

Along the Anacostia and the fish market, boats

The Army War College
In spring, the cherry blossoms create a fairy land

Ronald Reagan Airport on the Potomac side- about 15 minutes away

The area often gets flooded

Looking West towards Arlington
Heading West to the "other side" and the Tidal Basin

Even the pooches dress up to visit MLK's Memorial

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