Friday, November 18, 2011

Two Follow Ups

First: Last week the sidewalk along First Street was being replaced with Capitol Hill red brick. The estimated time posted along the street to complete the work was one week. I knew before they started that it would take a lot longer than that- and it did. We are now in to the end of week 2, and I'm not convinced it will be done by tomorrow either. But, once it is done, it will be level and nice. It's just that nothing ever is on time around here- and we need the space for street parking. 

Second: Sometime within the last few days I had an appointment in the Adams Building of the Library of Congress, and the person I was meeting with had a beautiful office with a window that overlooked the Jefferson Building, the Supreme Court, and the Madison Building. This person moved in to a temporary space for renovation, but the view remains the same. I envy anyone who has a window - whether it has a view or not. This week, we went to visit a colleague who recently relocated to the Jefferson Building. Her window view is not overlooking an outside street- but rather- overlooks a courtyard with a fountain and garden that faces the center of the building. It's more like a hidden treasure. But I understand that the rats like it in the Spring- and that might be something interesting to observe. I, on the other hand, am in the biggest, most boring building with a window that is useless, has no view, and no light. The rats I observe are of a different nature, and they are there all year 'round.
Still not done

A great window in an 1897 or so building
Workman and rats to observe- but a great view!

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