Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Capitol Dome

As we were walking past the Capitol Building, an interesting view came our way. It's not unusual to see construction and repair work on the buildings on Capitol Hill. In fact, I have had the opportunity to actually see some of the construction work behind the scenes on several occasions. I have a small piece of the original brick from the Jefferson Building when they broke ground for the tunnel between that building and the new Capitol Visitor Center in the Capitol. That brick piece, from the 1890's, sits on my desk at work. During the construction of the Capitol Visitor Center (CVC), we had tours on two occasions mid way and before it opened. What was interesting was the kitchen area and the underground network of additional rooms and halls used for reporters, Congressional staff meetings, and one room large enough to house both the Senate and House members in the event the Capitol was not available! I also had an opportunity to climb the scaffolding that almost reached the dome in the main reading room of the Library during arch repair work. I've always wanted to be on a Capitol dome tour, but it just hasn't happened. Maybe because there was so much news coverage of the engineers climbing along the Washington Monument to assess the earthquake damage, this item is not as spectacular. But to me, it is.
Looks the same- but wait.....

What's that going on by the dome?

Obviously not afraid of heights- imagine the views!

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