Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tune Inn and Hawk N Dove

After a fire a couple months ago, the Tune Inn was out of business while the renovation took place. It reopened last Friday. We did not go inside, but most folks were concerned that it would lose it's flair for grunge. We went there one time, and that was enough. But we may be tempted to try it again. Then next door, the Hawk N Dove was bought by new owners, and they have literally taken the place apart. It will definitely look different once it is completed. But we won't really know until several months from now. A lot of people have been displaced by all these changes to establishments that have been here along Pennsylvania Avenue for so many years. But little by little, they will be restored to their former beauty, and everyone will come back to their "original" favorites. As for tonight, we are going to try a new Italian place on Eighth Street along Barracks Row. There are plenty of new and favorite places that probably are happy when the others are out of commission.
After the fire at Tune Inn

Tune Inn after- still need a "rest"
An old staple

Completely torn up

Open to the sky and the elements

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