Sunday, November 27, 2011

National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden - Ice Skating

For most of the summer, one can go to the Sculpture Garden and have a snack, sit on the lawn, listen to jazz, watch the water works, enjoy the sculpture, the sights and the sounds. A couple weeks ago, all the water fountains in the city by the monuments and art museums were turned off for the winter. However, the beautiful fountain in the National Gallery of Art took on another look for the fall/winter season. The shooting water cascades were silenced to make way for the very slippery ice skating rink. Once it is open, it is packed with newbies, tried-it-a-couple-timers, and really good skaters that show everyone else up. I vaguely remember trying ice skating in Connecticut on a real frozen pond- with TWO blades on each skate- when I was less than 6 years old. I guess I was never much for ice skating then and when we moved to Florida- never. Living in Wisconsin did not make a difference either. I gradually began to really dislike the ice and the snow and the cold. But for those who like it, and feel the urge to pretend you're a lot younger than you really are, the option is available just about anywhere these days. From a spectators perspective, it doesn't matter- just as long as it is warm enough to enjoy the show.

More spectators than skaters

Wonder what she's thinking?

The Archives as a back drop

During the summer, facing the National Gallery of Art

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