Wednesday, November 23, 2011

An Absolute Necessity

This week has been really rainy and ugly. If there were any leaves left on the trees they will be long gone by Thanksgiving. Last year I decided to get a pair of rain boots to prepare for the wet season- and it probably was the smartest investment I have made as of late. In Milwaukee, we had snow boots that served the purpose - and I pretty much drove from point A to point B there. In the event of the "rare" snow here, I do have a pair of snow boots that I saved just in case. But because I have to walk back and forth to work every day, the rain boots became a necessity if I was to keep my feet and legs dry with the wind blowing 30-40 miles per hour! Anyway, if one ever decides to live in this town, there are certain necessities. And they include rain boots, rain shoes, and a very sturdy umbrella- not the cheapo kind that folds up and gets stuck in your purse (although I have one of those too!)
Be prepared!

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