Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Perfect Gift

Since my Mom can no longer drive, the neighbor and his family have been really helpful to both her and my Dad. They live in Florida- a long way away. It gives me great comfort to know that such nice folks live next door, and once in awhile I like to send something to the 4 year old twin girls as a token of my appreciation. The family are originally from the Philippines... and their Mom just became a US citizen. So, I thought I would explore the books and things that are available in the House of Representatives gift shop and the Library of Congress. Coincidentally, today there was a 30% holiday discount for Library employees to take advantage of. I hope they will like what I picked out, and I will alter some of the pages using their faces in the books to make it more fun and personalized. (I learned with my grandson that that trick made all these little crafty things much more fun when his face was on it somehow- the Klutz bugs were a big hit with his friends too- because their pictures were on them all. And his baseball card was scooped up with great enthusiasm). Being new citizens, the books are about Washington DC and everything in the city. Maybe one day the family will make a visit here. I remember visiting the White House when I was 6 years old. It probably had some impact on my thinking. After all- we do live here now. It's so nice to have such great neighbors! I'm not so sure I can say the same thing....
One set for each twin- fun stuff for kids

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