Friday, November 18, 2011

Skin Tone Leggings?

The temperature is well below average for this time of year. The high was 48 yesterday, with rain. Today is 48 and sunny and windy. I thought Chicago was bad until we moved here! Anyway, when it gets this cold, I already have three layers plus on. It is not uncommon to observe people wandering around here in the rain without an umbrella, or a shirt only when a jacket really is required. I couldn't take a picture of this scene, but reenacted it in my mind... please explain the purpose of wearing a heavy short jacket, a knitted cap, gloves, and boots with bare legs. One might think that those legs are really covered with skin tone leggings, but not only I, but every one else can tell the difference. But, in the end, maybe that IS the point - but I'm just too old to think it makes any sense. I'm trying to think if I ever did such things? I grew up in Florida, so I'm not sure it ever mattered!
I guess it's called "fashion"

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