Thursday, January 13, 2022

Capitol Lying in State

When we moved to DC fifteen years ago, one of the first lyings in state we visited at the Capitol building was Gerald Ford. We also visited George HW Bush shortly before we moved to northern Virginia. We stood in line several hours to see Supreme Court Justice Scalia at the Supreme Court building. We even saw ourselves on C Span for two of them. All of these occurred in the dead of winter. There were a few others that we witnessed as we walked by on a morning walk - like Ted Kennedy and John McCain. Yesterday was another one. We were in town getting photos for my weekly photo challenge when we came across Harry Reid’s celebration. The honor guard was bringing the casket up the steps right after we arrived at the east front of the Capitol building. It was a sparse crowd and press along with many Capitol police on foot, motorcycle and bikes. Unlike most of the others, we could at least stand half way up the drive. It was a solemn and  orchestrated occasion. There seems to be too many of them going on these days. All of us need to see a light at the end of this long tunnel. 

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