Sunday, August 12, 2012

Glen Echo Park and Carousel

After visiting Clara Barton's National Historic Site, we walked over to the Glen Echo Park. The bridge over to the grounds reminded us a lot of Grant Park in Milwaukee. This one, however, had the remnants of the scenic train tracks in view. We felt like we were transported to another place in time when we came upon the carousel. This definitely reminded us of House on the Rock! So we bought a ticket for $1.25 each and rode the beautifully restored carousel - of course on a critter that moved! Who hasn't been on one of those platforms filled with animals of all shapes and colors. The experience definitely reminded us of a time gone by. Wonder how it was back in 1921 taking the train to Glen Echo Park from DC? Must have been a treat because it still was for us in 2012.

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  1. I enjoy the park and it's history. I live close by so am lucky to take part in the festivities all year round. Great pictures