Sunday, August 19, 2012

Up On The Roof

Because all the buildings around here are more vertical than horizontal, one needs to take advantage of all the available square footage. Most homes have postage size lots, so a lot of green spaces, patios, and gardens end up on the roof. In order to maximize every square inch of living space in such tight quarters, it is not unusual to see air conditioning units transported with cranes to their final resting places above the third floor, along with the cable dishes. Many of the restaurants have patio space above. I feel sorry for the wait staff who have to climb the stairs with huge trays of food and drink. Many of the Smithsonian buildings, federal offices- including mine-and hotels, have garden roofs. Many are no longer open to actually sit in and enjoy for safety reasons, but are maintained to enhance the view. We had a huge yard and several gardens in Milwaukee. Here, we are really lucky to have our own private green space and garden. It's even got a great shed for extra storage space. And I prefer my green space on the first floor - for all the obvious reasons. Or at least those reasons are obvious to me.

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