Monday, August 6, 2012

The Broken Dog

When we moved to DC from Milwaukee we essentially left everything behind. We had bought our condo several months before we moved and furnished it lightly, not really planning to actually move in to 500 square feet. So when we did decide to move in to 500 square feet, only the essential items would be coming along. One of those items was a little crystal dog that my husband gave me when we first met. It is important in that he never gives gifts, and that he knows how much I like dogs. So while he was dusting, it accidentally (I think) landed on the floor in several pieces. Usually I would have just thrown it away. But this keepsake was going to be repaired. Out came the super glue and tape. So, the feet were reattached to the body and the ears were glued back to the head. Now only the head needs to be stuck back on the body. I really don't care how it turns out, and it isn't worth anything. But it made its way all the way from Milwaukee. Not a whole lot of other stuff did.

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