Thursday, August 21, 2014

A City of Transients

The U Hauls and moving vans are everywhere. August seems to be the month where everyone is getting out of town. But then, someone usually comes back to take their place - especially in our neighborhood. It is particularly more acute when there are renters in a shared community space. It always takes awhile for newcomers to learn the "rules" of sharing space. One of my pet peeves is leaving the door open for everyone and their brother to just wander in, and then leaving whatever vehicle that brought all the belongings in sitting in the driveway - overnight. There is a sign in the lobby that clearly states the drive is not meant to be a parking lot for many reasons including a fire hazard. But I have found since moving here that a lot of people prefer to ignore courtesy under any circumstance - even if it is clearly spelled out. I suppose the rules just don't apply to them. How was that determined?

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