Saturday, August 9, 2014

Are We There Yet?

Day two of the unexpected road trip took us from Savannah to a quick stop in Jacksonville. It would be unfriendly to pass through a town and not stop to see someone we know. We see him in DC quite regularly and it was a good opportunity to say hi. Once we started back on the road, google maps rerouted us to 301 to Ocala rather than staying on 95 along the east coast. It was actually a more pleasant drive and reminded me of all the summer trips my family took around Florida as a youngster. I think we saw most of the state from the time we moved there until I left after college. Of course we stopped at Macs for a soda. The car in front of us had my husband's name on it. As we drove out along 301we would run in to the brief and heavy showers with sunshine. It suddenly stops and starts like a faucet being turned on and off. That's one thing I remember about living here and to this day always carry an umbrella. 

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