Friday, August 29, 2014

Gypped out of a Holiday or Two

When I worked full time over the last almost forty years, it was a pleasure to have a three day weekend.  In the private sector, we had eight holidays. But working in health care twenty four hours a day seven days a week, you didn't always have off on the actual holiday. It had to be worked in to the schedule so that you got it within that two week pay period. Gradually I made my way in to an office setting and at least had a more reasonable schedule and consistent holidays off.  Since moving to DC, I had the additional benefit of getting ten paid holiday days off instead of just eight. Since I went to part time in March of this year, my schedule changed to three days a week and from nine hour to eight hour shifts. Sunday evening is is no longer a torture. By Monday, the work week has already started. But when it comes to holidays, I gypped myself out of at least four by having every Monday off. Now when I see the holiday sign at work it doesn't mean so much to me anymore. In the end I would rather have every Monday off rather than just a few during the year. Maybe I can change a fixed work schedule to one a little more flexible...and schedule a work day on a Monday Holiday. Or maybe I can adjust six days down to five. 

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