Friday, August 15, 2014

Sixty Miles to Washington DC

Now that I'm looking for one a New Jersey license plate cannot be found. It was by far the most seen state we saw on our unexpected road trip that started last Friday. We are now about sixty miles away from DC and the traffic is already getting congested. We left St. Pete Florida yesterday after tending to both of my parents who landed in the hospital at the same time. It's been quite a while since we drove a long distance. The google maps is an important addition, but the McDonald breaks, rest stops, trucks, RV's, road construction, emergency traffic delays due to accidents haven't changed. We always stay at Hampton Inn and made reservations on line before we arrived. Even with my familiar pillow neither my husband nor I can sleep when we are away from home. We were also able to transport back two rolls of art canvas for my sister who was trying to figure out a way to get them to Maryland. I can only say my parents are better and I did not miss going to work, or listening to the news. The straight and flat roads and laid back lifestyle of the place I grew up will soon be replaced by the hustle and inconvenience of living in the nation's Capitol. For now that will just have to do - until the next emergency. 

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