Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Feature Opens at the US Botanical Garden

The construction is finally complete. It seems it has taken a very long time for the new section of the Lawn Terrace to open in the US Botanical Garden. We have been watching the construction over the last many months wondering what was taking so long. This is probably one of our favorite places to walk through and every season brings with it a different variety of plants, flowers, and landscapes. The new feature is on the west side, nearest to the American Indian Museum. Since a lot of folks in the neighborhood do not have yards or patios, this is a great place to come and sit and observe not only nature, but the variety of visitors that pass through. It is very serene and feels like you are far away from anything urban, except when you see the Capitol building in the distance. A pair of ducks usually takes over the pond right in front, and there is a bridge that takes you to a covered area to sit and rest. In Milwaukee, we had Grant Park a couple blocks away that sits on Lake Michigan. It was not man made, but was also a great place to stroll and enjoy the four seasons. The difference is there was primarily one season there, and I am happy to have escaped it. 

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