Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summer is Beginning to Look Like Fall

It was a dreary Saturday afternoon. It's been awhile since the whole day felt like rain. I much prefer the sunshine to the dampness. At least DC has more warm days than Wisconsin ever did. A lot of the usual sights around the city were beginning to look more like the fall rather than the final days of summer. I'm sure the bride was hoping for a brighter day at the WWI Memorial. The crowds were much smaller everywhere. In fact, several of the most prominent settings were completely devoid of visitors. When we passed through George Washington University, the students were moving in to the of my colleagues from Milwaukee now works at GW Hospital; another colleague just lost her only son to Marquette last week when she helped him move in to his dorm for his freshman year. I remember doing the same thing like it was yesterday way back in 1971 at Florida State. I was really homesick for about a month. The Smithsonian African American Museum is making's at least five stories above ground. My husband was complaining that we always go by the same places all the time and should explore the city more. Therein lies the difference between me and him. He loves the urban life, and I prefer a less intense place. He likes to explore; I prefer familiar. Living where we do combines the best of both worlds - even on a dreary day like today. 

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