Friday, March 25, 2016

A Retirement Haircut - Inspired by Mickey Bolek

He's been talking about it for quite some time. Every visit to visit my stylist, Mickey Bolek, is a treat. So today when I walked in for a long overdue haircut at Michael Anthony Salon, I asked for a retirement haircut. We talked about a pixie, or an exaggerated longer one side and shorter on the other, but decided what I have is the best. I really like it - an asymmetrical cut I've had for several years. But what about that pink streak? Well, I just read that Cate Blanchette colored her hair pink, and so many more are highlighting their hair in unconventional ways. Having gray/white/silver hair since my thirties made coloring out of the question - for me. I always liked the "natural look." Now silver and prurple are all the rage. So we decided to take the bold step and go for the pink. After all, it is cherry blossom and Easter season. What would my husband think? Mickey thought the hair extension would work better than the chemicals and I agreed. The result was fun and drew an immediate reaction from every one in the salon. Thanks Mickey for the inspiration! And by the way, my husband loved it! 

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