Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Jimmy T's Place

After we stopped at the post office to mail our tax documents, we decided to keep walking in spite of the twenty mile per hour winds and wintery temps. The sunshine made us do it, so we headed out on eighth street, around by Lincoln Park, and came back on East Capitol Street. I had always seen the little restaurant tucked away at the fifth street intersection. So today as we came upon it, we decided to stop in at Jimmy T's for breakfast. We weren't disappointed. The place has been around for a very long time, and it was quite busy for a Wednesday morning. We found a table in the window, and enjoyed the ambiance of tin ceilings and a leg lamp from "A Christmas Story." The omelet, pancakes, and breakfast potatoes were quite good. It was a slow and easy feeling sitting there chatting with my husband. A variety of folks came and went - Capitol police, a week old baby with star struck parents, and several locals who must frequent the place. We would definitely return to this greasy spoon. Maybe next time we will come for lunch. 

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