Thursday, March 31, 2016

American Plant Garden Picks

We had a huge yard in Wisconsin, with several gardens, window boxes, and planters. But we really couldn't plant annual flowers until Memorial Day. It's so nice to get a head start on the season here. We have a tiny patio garden that faces south and gets the full sun from east to west. So even if there is a threat of colder weather ahead, this area is well protected. That doesn't hold true in the winter, however, when the huge chunks of snow fall off the roof, slam into the garden, and take down several plants and vines. So we decided to take a trip to American Plant in Bethesda and pick up a few flowers to spruce up the garden, and add to the few daffodils. It's obvious we were early as the selection was limited, but we found enough to do the job. When we got home, I cleaned up the space, and tried to create a cheery spot for the months ahead. We'll add more as it gets warmer. My husband wouldn't go without at least one tomato plant! So, the seasons change once again, and this is a time I really look forward to. 

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