Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ultra Mark Mohawk Finishing Products

It took forever to get the stain of the new wallbed to match the existing television cabinet. After thinking for seven years about what we would do to eliminate the huge king size sofa bed, we decided a custom built wallbed might just do the trick. But it had to be built around our tv cabinet, and the rest of the furniture in the house would be planned around this configuration in the studio apartment. But, as things go, the wood in our apartment expands and contracts during the winter and summer months. What seemed like the perfect fit in the summer, no longer did during the last few months. So we called the company about it, and they came to refresh the spots that no longer had stain on them along the seams, and promised to send a paint stick to freshen it up ourselves if and when it happens again. I know it will, because it does every year ... to the floor, and the crown moulding, and now the wall bed. Luckily the paint sticks arrived in the mail after a few weeks. I am hoping we won't need to use it. But knowing my luck, when we do, it will be dried out. 

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    Let us know if you have any issues with the markers (when you do use them!). They shouldn't dry out - if they do there is a problem with the marker, so please let us know. Good luck! That tv stand is beautiful. - Alissa, Mohawk