Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Calligaris Enterprise Glass Extension Table and Philadelphia Chairs for the Living, Dining, Sleeping, and Exercise Room

For the last year or more, we have been trying to reconfigure our studio condo to better meet the needs of the room. After all, it is a bedroom, living room, dining room, and exercise room all in one. It is also the space where our visitors stay, and we then retreat to the "other side." We finally got rid of the king size sofa bed that took up the entire room. It was a monster to deal with and was replaced with a wall bed. That new configuration dictated the size of the much smaller sofa that would replace it, but also the dining table that was very worn and space occupying. What we needed was an extension table for occasional use, and a good size for every day. After countless hours of hunting on line and around town, we finally found the perfect solution in the Calligaris Glass extension table. I contacted the Calligaris store in Georgetown to see if they could locate one, along with the preferred Chicago chairs. They located a table in Italy with a solid glass top, but we had to go with the Philadelphia chairs instead. It took about six weeks for the furniture to arrive, and I was glad we requested that they deliver and assemble the pieces. We haven't used the extension feature yet, but we are quite pleased with the look and space the table takes. Now I think and hope we are about done redoing the studio apartment. Now we can start to finally enjoy it - and it all coincided with my retirement! 

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