Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Floral Library at the Tidal Basin

The cherry blossoms take center stage this time of year, but there are a lot of other beautiful floral arrangements in town. One venue is notably right next to the Tidal Basin, alongside the pink and white fairyland. The display of flowers is seasonal, and at this time the tulips are garnering a lot of attention. Just about every color and shape are organized in large groupings at the Floral Library along Independence Avenue across from the Washington Monument. Although not all of them are open, the ones that are get photographed by the onlookers as they pass through to see the "real show" of the season. The nice thing about this space is that it keeps changing throughout the year and has its own prominence.  Washington is full of flowers, and it just so happens these are almost in full bloom. I suppose what makes them, and the cherry blossoms, so enjoyable and endearing is the fact that they last such a short time. Somehow these things seem to matter more when you get a little older. 

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