Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Next Day Blinds Blackout Roller Shades Installed - Aesthetic, Functional, Insulating

It's taken awhile to finally decide what we needed on our very large windows. We had white honeycomb shades put in about seven years ago. But since this unit is a studio, and it is the unit where our guests sleep, the honeycomb shades do not keep out the bright streetlight. So we visited Next Day blinds last summer to get some ideas, and finally decided to get the order in once we could determine the best color. Of course, the patterns and material I really wanted were Hunter Douglass - like the kind we had in Milwaukee. The criteria for these shades was that they keep out the light, add a bit of aesthetic value by covering the top of the honeycomb shades, perhaps provide additional insulation during the winter when the cold wind blows though this horrible windows, and not break the bank. Being the most decorative pattern was not a priority. So we decided on a linen color that matched the wall paint, rather then put in big white sheets. The blinds were finally installed last week. Unfortunately, one of them had a flaw and will need to be replaced this week.  But all in all they meet the criteria. Too bad they weren't perfect the first time around. But in this town, nothing ever is. 

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