Thursday, March 17, 2016

Holtkotter Tall Viennese Table Lamp with Dimmer

It took a month to finally get our hands on it, but it finally arrived yesterday at Alexandria Lighting. First the wrong size was ordered, then it was delivered to the wrong address. When we saw the size of the box at the store we were flabbergasted! All the packing materials filled a huge garbage bag. But it arrived in once piece and all we had to do was put it together - the LED light in to the base, and add the glass cloud shade. Of course, the three prong plug that comes with a fuse to handle the dimmer mechanism created a problem because there was already something hogging up the space. So we found an extension for the meantime and tried it out. We need to get used to the extreme change from what was there - a more traditional lamp with a large decorative dark base with a broad shade. This Holtkotter lamp is sleek and clean - almost floating! The dimming function is interesting - you just push a button on the base to light it up completely, or keep pressing it and release when you hit the ambiance that works. So this ends our year long freshening up of the studio apartment. Now we are looking forward to living in it. 

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