Tuesday, March 22, 2016

National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Pavilion Cafe

My husband usually makes breakfast when we get home from our daily mid morning walk. It's more like lunch because it's about noon time. But today as we were walking through the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden, we saw the menu at the Pavilion Cafe and decided to have a cinnamon roll, croissant, and soup instead. The restaurant was just opening, so we just beat the spring time crowds that soon gathered. We've been here a few times before - for jazz in the park in summer, and with visiting friends. It's a very pleasant place. It sits across from the Archives on Constitution Avenue. During the winter, there is ice skating. It looked like there were a lot of workmen deconstructing the skating rink and preparing it for the summer time fountain show. With spring in the air, everything is starting to look fresh again. Aside from the US Botanic Garden, this is the place to sit, relax and enjoy whatever passes by. 

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