Friday, March 4, 2016

Retirement Perks After One Month

It's been exactly one month since I retired after over forty years of working in both health care in the Midwest and ten years of federal service at the Library of Congress. Just saying it sounds strange. We stayed up until almost two AM watching a movie last night. I wake up when I want to and then we go for a walk in the morning when we want to. I still have this nagging feeling in the back of my head that I still need to go to work, and then pinch myself. But that doesn't stop the dreams I have about getting assignments about things I know nothing about. Someone told me it will take about six months to adjust from the working mindset. There are definite perks! I don't have to buy any more stockings or sort them separately in the delicate wash cycle; I don't have to ask for vacation time or sick time off; I don't have to schedule well in advance a hair cut appointment - I can call and ask for next available time; the alarm clock no longer exists; I don't have to walk in bad weather unless I feel like it; I don't have to wait in line and walk through a metal detector to just get in to work; spreadsheets are a thing of the past unless I need one for my digital art business; the OPM alerts are checked just out of curiosity; I can control the temperature in my room - freezing is not an option; and I no longer set out my clothes for the next day. The best thing about it? I love doing absolutely nothing. I highly recommend it, and hope to have another forty years of it! 

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