Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Tiny Plant Tale

When we moved in to our second tiny 500 square foot studio apartment almost seven years ago, we got a small green plant that was placed in a tiny pot on a high shelf right above the lamp. It thrived and produced a fresh bunch of tiny leaves on long streaming stems throughout the year. When we left on vacation, my husband figured out a way to make sure it would never be in need of water or light. Last year, he decided to move the plant to a location on the opposite side of the room in to a glass container that hung on the wall. Yes, it was sunny, but it didn't have the warm heat of the lamp beneath it that it was quite accustomed to. I told him it looked like it was unhappy because it stopped producing new stems that shot up in the air and kept growing until it got so top heavy, it fell forward and joined the rest of the bunch. He was finally convinced I was right and moved the tiny thing back to its original spot. After several days of losing many of the leaves, it is starting to flourish again. This I know because the long stem has once again sprouted and keeps reaching for the ceiling. That's what I call the power of observation, and my husband is thrilled I noticed - especially since we don't have many plants in our tiny space. 

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