Thursday, March 10, 2016

A WOSM Visit - Frozen Shoulder and Cervical Spondylosis - Great

I retired a little over a month ago, and towards the end I noticed my shoulder hurt when I had to raise my arm after going through the metal detector. Since then, I've been having a great deal of pain when making specific moves. Since it didn't get any better, I decided it was time to finally see someone about it. And being in the health care business, we always think the worst - it had to be a tumor. It was always so much easier in Milwaukee, because we knew health care professionals that we worked with. Here, it's a toss up. So we made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon at the Washington Orthopedic and Sports Medicine clinic for diagnosis and treatment. And because we prefer easy parking and any place away from downtown, we chose the Sibley Hospital office building location. It takes at least thirty minutes on a good day to drive there. Once there, the usual paperwork was filled in - of course, it is out of network and the bill was ridiculous. After a couple X-rays right there in the office, the doctor checked me and the X-rays and said I have cervical spondylosis and a frozen shoulder - great! No tumors! And these types of things "just happen." At this time I need to start physical therapy twice and week for 4-6 weeks, and then see how it goes....MRI, surgical intervention, etc. All I can say is it could be much worse, but how do people pay for this stuff? We have insurance and it's really expensive. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope this is all I'll need. 

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