Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Peter Chang Chinese Restaurant

We went to a Peter Chang restaurant in Lynchburg with our family. Apparently, he got great reviews in the New Yorker, or something like that, and the restaurant is a diamond on the rough. The food was quite good - mostly because we always order a huge variety of things and everyone shares. The Washington Post also had a review a few months back because Peter Chang opened two new restaurants in Arlington and Rockville. So Sunday evening we decided to try one out. The restaurant in Arlington is located in a strip mall, and there was hardly any parking available. When we walked in, the place was packed with a thirty minute wait. So we decided to just order take out and bring it home. As we waited for the order, the place just got more packed and the wait time extended to an hour. I overheard someone say that the review in the Post created the mess. When we got home, we opened the stash and it was quite good. My husband prefers a meal that has bread and salad, so Chinese is okay but never great. And when you are used to Persian rice, Chinese will never do! We would probably go back, but not any time soon. I think we like the idea of eating with the family and sharing. It's just not the same with take out. 

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