Sunday, March 20, 2016

Xfinity, Remote Controls, and Cable Internet Updates

Our universal remote control was dying. It was seven years old and would no longer hold a charge. I ordered very expensive replacement batteries. They worked, but then couldn't get recharged. Luckily I had the Xfinity remote control on my iPad. So as long as we could turn on the tv with the Sony remote, we could use that to change the channels - but we couldn't navigate the DVR. At the same time we received a notice in the mail from Xfinity, have seen several commercials, and the voice remote sounded appealing. Since we no longer require a universal remote for the now non existent subwoofer, surround sound, or VCR, we decided to take a trip to the new Xfinity store in Brookland and see if we could get a tech out to program our tv with a new remote. While there, we scheduled an appointment for a visit to update the system for yesterday. Wow - what a difference. I didn't want to change any of the current programs and services, just a swap out. Based on a very limited experience since the installation, which went very well, we are really happy we finally made the switch. I always dreaded any visit from the then Comcast - never on time, took forever, and never sure if it worked once the tech left. But we are more savvy about the Internet, and pass codes, and cable. So now we can record more than two things at the same time, talk to the remote control, and the search function and visual selections are more appealing. Sometimes closed captioned is a good idea, and we can quickly navigate to adjust all this stuff. Initially the Internet kept cutting out so we are hoping that gets under control. So far, so good. Now I'm waiting for the bill. The woman who helped us at the Xfinity store advised us to call the loyalty program folks at Xfinity and request a discount for using cable for ten years. We may need to do just that. Now, does anyone know how to wirelessly connect my iPad to the TV?

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