Friday, March 18, 2016

Amoo's Persian Fusion Middle Eastern Restaurant

Reza's was our favorite Persian restaurant in Chicago. Since we moved to DC, we love Moby Dick for take out and Yekta in Rockville for finer dining. We happened upon another place called Amoo's in McLean. It's located in a strip mall with tight parking. All the reviews were good, citing the authentic nature of the cuisine. We usually go for dinner rather than lunch, but since they do not serve alcohol at Amoo's, lunch was a better idea. So we ordered our usual eggplant appetizer, and soup, and bread, and salad, and yogurt. By the time the kabobs came, we were already full. But they served us two chicken kabobs rather than one chicken and one koubideh (spiced ground meat skewer). So we asked for another kabob to take home, along with everything else we didn't eat. The food was quite good, and it lasted for two more meals. What we didn't like was the decor - there were pictures of the Shah hanging all over the place. I much prefer the miniature paintings and the colorful middle eastern tile work, and photos and wall hangings of the so many interesting and scenic places in Iran. We wondered if we would go back again? We are still deciding. 

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