Wednesday, March 16, 2016

James Madison's Birthday with Mary Bilder and David Stewart at the Library of Congress

I haven't been back to the Library of Congress since I retired on February 3rd. Before I left, I signed up to receive emails about programs and presentations that are routinely scheduled there. Today is James Madison's 265th birthday, and to celebrate it, the Law Library had a panel discussion about Mr. Madison. Since the metro system was shut down for a 24 period last evening, I called this morning to make sure the event was not canceled. One of the speakers wouldn't be there, but the show would go on. So my husband and I walked two blocks from our house, passed through security, and rode the elevator to the sixth floor. I knew the security officers, and saw familiar faces at the lecture, but didn't run in to anyone else that I worked with. The speakers were so animated and interesting the time flew by, even though there wasn't a lot of talk about his personal life. This afternoon there is supposed to be birthday cake in Madison Hall to celebrate the real reason for the affair. Unfortunately we will miss that. When we walked home it seemed weird the think that all we have to do is walk a few steps to hear and see such great programs. I may just like living, rather than working, in Washington DC. 

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