Saturday, March 26, 2016

Bald Eagle Nest - and Eagles - Along the GW Parkway

The other day on our way to taking the Subaru for a checkup along the GW Parkway, I noticed that the eagle nest that we have seen since we moved here was once again inhabited. But it was too late to get a photo, even though I tried! The large bird was just flying in to it! So we had to drive back today and check things out. The location is just past Alexandria, on the way to Mount Vernon, at Belle Haven Country Club. Beneath the huge tree is a golf course filled with golfers. There's been a lot of press about the new eaglets at the arboretum. The chicks just hatched there this week. I'm certain the same thing happened here. This time as we drove by, the proud parents were perched on either side of the nest above it. On our way back from the drive to Mount Vernon, only one bird was still perched, while the other one may have been out searching for dinner. When we first moved here ten years ago it was not uncommon to see the majestic birds flying all around the GW Parkway. The last few years we haven't seen anything - until today. It's pretty exciting to see them. I wish I could get a little closer! 

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