Thursday, May 24, 2012

Amish Visitors and Graduation

It is interesting to observe all the visitors who come to the city. And it is indeed the busiest season for them. But to see the Amish taking the metro, using the escalator, and circulating around town is thought provoking. As we were participating in some touristy things ourselves, we happened upon a group at the Smithsonian metro stop. When we got out on the Mall, the set up for a graduation ceremony was taking place. I was wondering how many of those who would be participating in the ceremony actually had jobs... regardless, to graduate on the Mall, with all the world essentially watching, must be an interesting experience. I graduated in a church and an arena. At least then we did not have to worry about the weather. But most folks around here don't. Wonder what the Amish think of all this?
A metro train, escalator and Amish?

At the Smithsonian Stop

Reminds me of our school uniforms

An industrial baby buggy

Getting ready for a grand ceremony

I think the speaker was Brian Williams

And it turned out to be a beautiful day

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