Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Memorial Day Concert at the Capitol

The grounds surrounding the Capitol Building are being prepared for the Memorial Day Concert on the West Lawn. The fences are up, the chairs are in place, and the porta potties always make for a glamorous looking event. The impending Memorial Day holiday signs are posted at work, as everyone prepares for the long weekend ahead. Lucky for us, we have an opportunity to attend either the dress rehearsal on the evening before, or join the masses on the night of the concert. We have done both, and each affords it's own advantage. Either way, you need to pass through security, but picnic baskets and snacks are welcome. We have brought our own chairs because sitting on the grass can get tiring, and sitting on the Capitol steps can also be uncomfortable. Regardless, it is a fun and free event, and a chance to see some folks you may never see otherwise. The dress rehearsal starts at 7:30 on Saturday, and the real thing is on Sunday at 8 PM. The "doors" open around 5PM. We enjoy the views and the scenery, and only have to walk a couple blocks to get there, so there really is no excuse not to attend. The best part is hearing the symphony and bands play the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, and Coast Guard melodies. I've known family members and friends in every branch of the service, and think about them all when the music plays. And having Monday off is the best part.
The signs are up at the Library

You can't miss them

The fences are up and the chairs are getting placed for the guests

A necessary but ugly sight

Tents are up in case of rain

It takes  a few weeks to get everything ready

It's always a more solemn event compared to July 4

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