Thursday, May 31, 2012

Capitol Hill Real Estate - Sold!

It is nice to live in a neighborhood where the for sale signs quickly change to sold/under contract. This home on our street went on the market about three weeks ago, and was quickly snapped up. There is another close to one million dollar home for sale behind us. Oftentimes, there are buyers in line long before the sign is even up. In our building there are two units for sale, and they have been on the market for 2-3 months, which is unusual. They too, often sell quickly. But it takes a peculiar person to want to live in an 1890's building, with all it's many inconveniences, compared to some of the new high rises in the neighborhood. But there is something quaint and suburban about our street. The location cannot be beat, which makes all those other inconveniences more tolerable. If we ever need to sell, I hope we have the same luck. Our home in Milwaukee sold on the first day, and that was an unusual event. And that 2,500 square feet and one acre there got us 500 square feet and a small patio here! What was that about location?
Sold within 3 weeks

Has a garage in back

Along a really wide sidewalk

On a lovely street in Historic Capitol Hill

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