Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lyndon Johnson Memorial Grove

Being a history buff, I have read many biographies of interesting characters. Living in DC affords us the opportunity of visiting the places these folks actually lived in and worked. And there are a lot of memorials to visit. My husband recently read something about Lyndon Johnson and I read his biography quite some time ago. After walking about Alexandria for a bit, we were driving back towards home on the George Washington Parkway. Because the weather was so spectacular, we decided to stop at the Lyndon Johnson Memorial Grove. We had passed by it many times, but had never explored it. It can be entered by way of the GW Parkway directly, or through the back end from the Pentagon Parking lot. What's so nice about it is that one never thinks that such a serene place can be found in this busy town. And I'm sure it looks so very different each season. We walked across the bridge, saw a duck family, turtles and humans sunbathing, and a lot of locals who were at the marina, biking, walking dogs, enjoying the views, and remembering how life was in the 60's. Here is one President that I knew and grew up with. We had Grant Park in Milwaukee on Lake Michigan. It was just a block or two from our house. It too had an interesting view, but simply not the same as this.

The Pentagon parking lot- the Air Force Memorial on the right

The entrance

The Marina in the distance

A lot to keep track of in muddy water

Really shallow and muddy water

On the other side

A peaceful place

The Lincoln Memorial across the Potomac
Walking through the grove

Three quotes are embedded in stone

As big as the man himself

I was still quite young during his time, but I remember him well

Pentagon City behind the marina

Good advice

Wouldn't be the same without mentioning Lady Bird


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