Friday, May 11, 2012

The Mini Cooper

While in Alexandria this afternoon, it was really obvious that the mini cooper is a car of choice. I think I saw one on every corner - and there were several convertibles. The mini dealership is also in Alexandria. By the time I thought it would make for a good subject for today, we had already left the neighborhood. So when we got back to Capitol Hill, there were many more to see- but, no convertibles. First there was the mini, then the clubman, and now there is an SUV. I really like the mini, especially because we no longer have garage parking and the street can be mean sometimes. It just doesn't require a lot of space to park. The next block over on Duddington Place is having the sidewalk and street repaired, so the number of parking spaces just decreased by about 20. Smart cars are also more obvious, but just not as versatile. Our Subaru has served us well, and is great for all seasons, and all occasions. But winter and snow driving is not the same here as it was in Milwaukee. Our car is getting to be one of the oldest vehicles we have ever owned, and most likely will be replaced with another Subaru when the time comes. But the mini is nice to look at. Whenever we have this discussion, my husband tells me I should take a picture of it to admire it, because that's about as close to one as we will get. So I did- take a a few- with his help!
Leaving Alexandria behind a mini

On Washington Avenue in the heart of Old Town

On Independence Avenue near our house

All shapes, sizes, and colors

By the Park

Perfect setting

Two in a row near Duddington

They're just all over


Squeezed right in on the end

Looks great on Capitol Hill

A nice replacement for the horse and buggy

On the move
Easiest to park in the cramped space

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