Friday, May 18, 2012

Metro Fare Adjustment Request

Early in April we had out of town guests visiting. It was during cherry blossom season and the city was very busy with related activities. We took the metro from the Smithsonian stop to get home since we had walked over to the Mall and were quite exhausted by the time we got through the day. We had an extra metro fare card from when our grandson was here in December, and wanted to transfer that amount on to our "permanent" metro cards. Our guests needed to purchase additional cards. Well, neither one of us was successful, and the machine ate all our money and cards. So we took the matter up with the station agents, filled out the forms, and knew we would never hear from them again. They said we should receive a refund within 2 weeks. Well, the two weeks came and went. In the meantime, several other transportation issues popped up, and I wrote a letter to Tommy Wells' Office wondering if they might be of some assistance. Haven't heard back yet- which is unusual, because they are generally very responsive. Anyway, yesterday in the mail came an envelope from Alexandria. When I opened it up, it appeared to be empty. But on closer inspection, inside was a metro fare card with the amount of money we lost stamped on it. I was surprised, and a elated- it somewhat restored my faith in the city services. My faith will really be restored when I find out if our friends received their refund too - all the way in Milkaukee.
We used it today

"Hold this receipt until you receive your fare adjustment" - and we did

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