Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Road & Sidewalk Repair & Construction

It's always a frightening thought to see what repair or construction project will surface next. I suppose when you live in a city that is this old, with an infrastructure that is just as old, there will always be noise and inconvenience. Across the street from us is a project that never ends. Once the crew leaves, it shows up again in a few days. There are tunnels that are underneath these streets that are filled with who knows what. The Architect of the Capitol and the city are constantly repairing whatever it is. And, since we literally live on land that used to be water, one wonders when things will begin to start sinking. Walking along the sidewalk the other day I noticed orange markings that have some significance. And the street was marked too. So far, the only work has been re-doing the sidewalk for at least the third time in the last year. Remove the bricks- put the bricks back. I don't recall ever seeing this type of mess constantly in Milwaukee - but- that is the reason why folks live where they do. I'm not sure that it gets any easier as one gets older. Who's idea was it to move here?
This work never ends across the street - with noise all day long

The sidewalk is being replaced for the third time in a year

I'm sure the shop owners love it - do you think they notice?

This looks like real trouble

Almost like something from space

Maybe we will get lucky and it was an art contest of sorts

When will it end?


Any idea what this means?

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