Friday, September 9, 2011

Clematis Vine

I ran outside to the patio right away when I got home from work because the sun was out! Never mind that I felt like a complete fool wearing the rain boots that were required for most of the week. The puddles are simply too deep to navigate, and I don't like wet feet. The garden has had it's share of ups and downs this season. The cucumber vines both did pretty well, but the tomato plant was a bust. I whacked it down and left a few very green tomatoes to see if anything will become of them. There are still a few peppers and we had one good eggplant. But this time of year, the little white flowered clematis vine blooms. Because the rain was so torrential and dreadful, I did not think that it would survive the downpours. But it did, and looks magnificent. I hope it lasts another few weeks. It is so hardy, and every year comes back stronger and showier than the year before. We had one of these in Milwaukee that covered a white fence along the driveway. They look pretty wherever they are.

I cut the vine back about 5 times this year

Almost reached the gate, but not quite

The bees love it and so do I

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