Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hawk 'N Dove

It's another sad day... a very long tradition is coming to a close. Not long ago, it was reported that the Tune Inn- a dump on Pennsylvania Avenue, burned down and is now being repaired. Next to it is the Hawk 'N Dove, another greasy spoon place. The difference between the two is that I have no history with the Tune Inn, but over the years we have frequented the Hawk 'N Dove with a variety of people. The new owner has a lot of "trendy" establishments along Barracks Row. The bar/restaurant/dive will close at the end of the month for several more, to be turned in to a regular kind of place. We've seen it happen to Bullfeathers in our neighborhood. It's just not the same. We better hurry up and get our last taste of the place before it goes to the dogs - which may not actually be so bad after all.
The Tune Inn burned in June- the Hawk 'N Dove is changing too

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